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VIDEO: Vikings fan beaten outside stadium after Monday night football game

A Minnesota Vikings fan was pummeled and beaten to the ground after last night’s NFL Monday game in San Francisco. The person who took the video explains that the drunk Vikings fan instigated the altercation and had it coming. The video doesn’t show the whole string of events, but I would not doubt this guys account of the story. Seems plausible.

View from the Golden Gate Bridge

Fear of heights?

Golden Gate

Couple flying with twin babies pass out candy to passengers

Couple flying with twin babies pass out candy to passengers

A couple with 14 week old twin boys on their first airplane ride were quite aware of the torment it would cause other travelers.  As a pre-emptive measure when flying cross-country from San Francisco, they handed out plastic bags of candy to fellow passengers to placate them in anticipation of the infants crying, screaming or causing other annoyances. (via)