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Wookies for Ron Paul

If Ron Paul wins Iowa today, this might be why.

photo Wookies for Ron Paul

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Ron Paul fact

Ron Paul Ron Paul is one of the more under-reported stories of the Republican pre-primary season. The Texas Congressman has won more straw polls than any other GOP candidate. In fact, Ron Paul has won more straw polls than Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann combined.

He may not be a very good off-the-cuff speaker, but watch this video and tell me if you think he couldn’t speak well for the United States as President.

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Bad Lip Reading: Ron Paul

Smart talk from Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, courtesy of Bad Lip Reading.

John Stewart bashes the media over Ron Paul

John Stewart takes on the corporate media machine over their blatant exclusion of Ron Paul from news reports. Of course, this is nothing new. Ron Paul and his ideas for helping this country have been largely ignored by the left and right for years. They treat him like a crazy uncle and dismiss his ideas until the public steps up enough times to echo him. Then, and only then, do candidates jump on the bandwagon (like auditing the Fed) and claim the idea as their own.

The bottom line is this. You have no real say in who “wins” a GOP/DFL nomination for President. Ron Paul’s only chance now is to run as an Independent. What you can do as a voter is write in Ron Paul (or your favorite choice) on the ballot and hope that it sends a message that you know the Presidential elections are skillfully orchestrated. Or, you could decide not to participate in the vote at all, which is also within your right. This might send an even stronger message.