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Selfie Stick Fail

Instructions not included?

selfie fail

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Prepare to change your relationship status ladies

I wish this was my selfie

Take me to this party now

David Lee Roth, Pee-Wee Herman, and Rodney Dangerfield = Best Party EVER.

pee wee, dangerfield, and david lee roth

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Sign Language

Marc Shur: Sign Language. See other amazing sign photography by Marc on his flickr page.

Marc Shur: Sign Language

Marc Shur: Sign Language

Marc Shur: Sign Language

Marc Shur: Sign Language

Marc Shur: Sign Language

Famous photographers posing with their famous shots

Wired has a cool collection of famous photogs posing with the pictures that captured history.  All are included in a new book called Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends.

Neil Leifer holds his photo, Ali vs. Liston, which he took on May 25, 1965 in Lewiston, Maine.

Lyle Owerko: "No one knew such a beautiful warm day would serve as the backdrop to one of the most painful and confusing events to the heart of mankind.

50 Photos That Brought the War Home

Larry Burrows' photograph of 21-year-old helicopter crew chief James Farley sobbing, alone, after a disastrous March 1965 mission is almost too intimate, too personal

Here are 50 photos that show how  great photojournalism quite literally brought war — every war — home to millions of Americans.

Thank a Vet today.