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Original Lego Patent

Filed by G.K. Christiansen (1961)

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First Official LEGO Haunted House kit is here

The First Official LEGO Haunted House arrives in September, and it is AMAZING!

Fight your way through spider webs to enter Vamprye’s Haunted House, features unique “crooked” design, zombie and glow-in-the-dark ghosts!

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  • Features unique ‘crooked’ design featuring boarded up windows and working front gate.
  • First floor features fireplace that swings open and displays a ship in a bottle on the mantle.
  • Cook up a ghoulish meal with the Zombie chef in the kitchen complete with old-style stove, jars and table.
  • Write letters from the Vampyre’s haunted office.
  • Pull the lever hidden in the chimney to release the drop down staircase and access the top floor.
  • Top floor features gramophone, records and newspaper LEGO elements.
  • Customize the Haunted House with new stickers for wall hangings, spider webs and curtains.
  • Measures 15.4″ (39cm) high, 9.4″ (24cm) wide and 7.5″ (19cm) deep



“Breaking Bad” meth lab done with Legos

"Breaking Bad" meth lab done with Legos
This Breaking Bad Lego set doesn’t officially exist, but it would be a cool marketing idea. [Imgur via Reddit via Laughing Squid]

How to rebuild Earth after 2012

This is cool. The Open Source Ecology (OSE) and the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) started a project that is building 40 tools and machines that can be used to (re)create new civilizations with modern-day comforts. This technology and these new construction and agriculture designs will be great when we have to rebuild Earth after 2012. 🙂

But seriously, the prototypes here are impressive, and the practical applications are far-reaching. Think what small, remote villages and Third World countries could accomplish with these tools.