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80′s film horror characters today

What if the most scary 80′s film horror characters were alive now? A project conceived by Federico Chiesa! Make up by Carolina Trotta. Love this! View their photography here.


You’re welcome in advance for the daymares

A feline organist and an incredibly creepy man offer a rendition of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ that might even give David Lynch nightmares. This video is from a creepy segment of the old Andy’s Gang show. You’re welcome in advance for the daymares.

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FEARnet ad on your doorstep

Papa John’s already did something like this, but who cares. Nothing in advertising is original, and this execution for FEARnet still works. The left shows what was placed on people’s doors. The right side is what people saw when they looked through their peep hole. Agency The Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA.

FEARnet ad
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