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Podcast Season 1 – Episode 7 – Part 1

The Duck Duck Gray Duck podcast from the Twin Cities

In episode 7, part 1, Frank and JJ discuss their friendship of nearly 30 years. Frank talks about his annual bucket list. Send us ideas for what job Frank should apply for, or what he should add to his bucket list.


Can’t get enough of Frank & JJ? Click here for more podcasts.



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Thank you readers of Duck Duck Gray Duck

Duck Duck Gray Duck fans worldwide.

Duck Duck Gray Duck fans worldwide.

I wanted to say a quick than you to all who visit and read Duck Duck Gray Duck. I have heard from many of you over the past few months who tell me they love the mix of content. Some of you have expressed feelings of withdrawal when I don’t post. Many of you have helped grow our little following by sharing this site with your friends and family.

To that, I say thank you!

Duck Duck Gray Duck officially has a worldwide following. I am now getting visitors from more than 200 countries! Some as far away as Uzbekistan (Hello Oksana!).

Rounding out the top 5 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany. Those Germans love David Hasselhoff, but they love their Duck Duck Gray Duck too!

Keep reading, keep commenting, keep sharing, and keep returning. I’ll keep posting. Deal?

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You’ve Been Playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” Wrong Your Whole Life


knows what she is talking about here. The entire rest of the country is playing this game wrong. People are playing some abomination version called “Duck, Duck, Goose.” She breaks it down for you in this article.



Here is how my poll on this topic has turned out. Vote now.

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Probably the reaction she makes when I post something insightful on Duck Duck Gray Duck.

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Is this blog worthy of an award yet?

Weblog awards 2013

There are many fantastic blogs on the Internet, and the Weblog Awards are a way to honor them. If you think this blog is worth nominating for an award, I would be grateful. You can pick the category you think Duck Duck Gray Duck falls under, but “Best-Kept Secret” might be the most fitting as I am a more underrepresented blog. Click here to vote. It’s really easy and only takes a minute. Nominations close on January 27th. You will need to verify the entry with your email and mine went to SPAM, so please check your junk folder. 

Thank you for voting!!!!

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