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What drums sound like in different locations


Great video here showing the differences in natural acoustics while drumming the same beat in random locations. 

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The Muppets – Buddy Rich vs Animal Drum Battle

Buddy Rich was regarded by most every jazz drummer as the worlds fastest drummer, & when you watch this video, his sticks are moving so fast, that you can hardly see them. Here in episode 522, Buddy and Animal have a drum battle. Animal wins.

Drumming for Jesus

The Largest DrumSET

90 Drums & 90 Cymbals…for His Glory!

The largest drum set in the world was designed and is played by a guy named Dr Mark. Here is what he says about it:

I have designed and play The Largest DrumSET in the World with an arsenal of unusual sounds to Worship God and Wage War against the enemy since 1978. God’s presence & power upon these sounds bring LIFE, healing, deliverance and miracles. We get to kick the devil out of his place of power…in our lives and in our world!

the largest drum set

The largest drum set in the world

Learn more about Dr Mark and the largest drum set in the world (including specs) here.

You have taken God rock to a whole new level Dr Mark. I’m gonna go turn my guitar amp up to eleven now.