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Animated Gifs for Your Bicycle Wheels

monkey light

You can now trick out your bike with gifs. Check out Monkey Light Pro by MonkeyLectric. This bicycle wheel display system uses lights and math (a.k.a. voodoo) to display animated gifs on your bike wheels as they spin. The system comes pre-loaded with custom artwork and animation and allows you to add your own gifs too. Buy them here.  via Incredible Things

monkey light monkey light



lance armstrong fiction

Jim Gaffigan on Lance Armstrong

Jim Gaffigan on Lance Armstrong

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Tour de Fail

Tour De France crash

The worst bicycle crashes from the Tour de France and other races.

Maybe I’ll rethink the whole bike helmet thing

Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa got taken out by a RED HARTEBEES at a mountain bike race at Albert Falls Dam. Check out this crazy footage which was taken by team mate Travis Walker on his GoPro Camera. Dude is seriously lucky to be alive.

Maybe I’ll rethink the whole bike helmet thing.

Rail Riding for the bicycle enthusiast

These modified bicycles allow the riding enthusiast a new way to satisfy their wanderlust and see parts of the world that had been otherwise inaccessible on two wheels. Check out these products and books or www.railbike.com if you are interested. (via Visual News)