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N.W.A On Arsenio Hall

N.W.A. made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall show in 1990 and performed “100 Miles and Runnin'” after a brief interview regarding police treatment of blacks. 

Strange News Link Dump

Male congressmen now being inundated with knit and crocheted vag

Our crazy world: Weird news headlines you may have missed.

A show at a private girls’ high school in Sherbooke, Que., went strangely awry when a young hypnotist left several students in “mass hypnosis” limbo and he had to call in his mentor to snap them out of it. Full Story

Teens face felonies after allegedly stealing cop radio and broadcasting, “F**k the police.” Full Story

Male congressmen now being inundated with knit and crocheted vaginas. Full Story

Jack Osbourne diagnosed with MS. Full Story

Arsenio Hall returning to late-night TV with a new late-night talk show. I have always like Arsenio. I hope this works out for him. Read more.

Elderly Church Choir Sings Nelly’s “Hot In Here”Watch Video

Arsenio Hall wanted for “sudden snatching”

Saw this is a college newspaper from Florida. What the heck is sudden snatching anyway?

arsnio wanted

Source: Florida Alligator student newspaper