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Angry Birds not so fun in real life

You want to play Angry Birds? Really, you do?

angry bird poop on car

angry bird attacks photographer

Angry Birds meets Mad Men
Addicted to Angry Birds? Mike Tyson can help
DIY Angry Birds tailgating game


Mad Birds

Mad Men meets Angry Birds

Addicted to Angry Birds? Mike Tyson can help

I was mesmerized by Angry Birds¬†when it came out. I logged countless hours playing that game on my phone (much to my wife’s chagrin). Now I am cured. I recently deleted the app from my phone after completing multiple levels. I did it cold turkey. I am glad I did it my way.

For those that need a little extra help quitting Angry Birds, Mike Tyson has a new program that will help. Trust me.

DIY Angry Birds tailgating game

Forget bean bags. With 3 easy steps, you can have the coolest tailgating or yard game around this summer.

Step 1: Go to Amazon and buy the Angry Birds plush toys.


Angry Birds Plush Toys

Step 2: Go Amazon and buy the large cardboard bricks.

Toy Bricks

Large Red Blocks

Step 3: Go build  an oversized slingshot, or buy a water balloon launcher.

waterbaloon launcher

waterbaloon launcher

Set up your obstacles and keep score.