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Podcast Season 1 – Episode 2


Thank you to all who listened and provided feedback on our first podcast. In our second podcast, Frank and JJ try to get their S*** together and give you something a bit more organized. Here are some of the topics we cover. Hope you like our new intro as well!

Vikings Adrian Peterson back in a Minnesota Vikings uniform?

The vaccine debate. Is this stuff really causing autism?

Weird News:
This grown man and father is having his face transformed into a comic book villain called Red Skull. He’s gone as far as having the tip of his nose cut off to complete the effect! story

red skull

A couple New Zealanders were caught Having Sex In an Office at the insurance firm they worked at. (NSFW VIDEO)

Woman in Tampa gives birth to a 14 lb baby. Largest ever in Tampa. Story

Feature song – Verskotzi “Sleepless One”

The Minnesota Twins should sign this switch hitter

Adrian Peterson twins 2

photo via

VIDEO: Drunk Vikings fan topples down some rows of seats

vikes fan

WARNING Explicit Language.

I should add that it’s language and behavior like this that makes it really difficult to bring your kid to a game.

Another one from last year: Drunk Vikings fan getting chewed out by his wife for eating ice cream with a credit card

Bad Lip Reading: NFL Edition