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1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative’s Greatest Year


Via Rolling Stone

At no point between “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Nookie” was the alternative bubble more booming than 1994. A record breaking eight alt-rock albums topped Billboard that year, and Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” let alternative nation plant a rare flag atop the singles charts. The Offspring sold more of their indie label record than Pink Floyd did on their major label record. Green Day stole Woodstock ’94 from Bob Dylan. New Kids on the Block broke up and Earl Sweatshirt was born. Here’s the 40 best albums from the year where the losers finally won.

I would not have ranked them in this order, but it is a solid list.

Click here to view them all on Rolling Stone 

Monday Music Rewind: Material Issue

Jim Ellison pictured far right

The band Material Issue formed in 1985. In early 1991, Material Issue broke onto the national scene with their debut album International Pop Overthrow (IPO) which sold over 300,000 copies. In the summer of 1995 the band co-headlined the first Edgefest in Somerset, Wisconsin (named for its sponsor, Minneapolis alternative radio station 93.7 The Edge). Material Issue was the brainchild of frontman Jim Ellison, who also played guitar, sang lead vocals, and wrote most Material Issue songs. The band came to a tragic and sudden end when Ellison committed suicide on June 20, 1996 by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage. No one knows for sure why he did it but the loss of their record label in 1995 as well as an end to a long term relationship were rumored to be contributing factors. A suicide note was found by police, but the contents of that note remain known only to Ellison’s family. Because of this suicide, we may never know what this band could have accomplished. Here are two of my favorite songs from the Modern Rock era that Material Issue gave us. Buy them here.

Banned 90s LUNCHABLEZ commercial

Appealing to youth has been an important part of marketing and advertising for decades. It’s no longer just the parents making the buying decisions. Children and teens have influence over their parents, particularly when it comes to selecting lunch products.

This video spoof takes a look at a “commercial” that never aired when it was “made” in 1996. There’s a valid reason why it wasn’t made public until now. NSFW.

(via icanhasinternets)