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Dog Windows For Your Fence

Have a dog that just wants to look outside your fenced in yard? Check out these easy-to-install dog bubble windows for your fence.

The PetPeek window can easily satisfy your dogs’ curiosity and allow them to have a peek. The PetPeek dog pet fence window is a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5 inches in diameter, with a black trim-ring and all necessary hardware for easy DIY installation into your fence. Different styles are sold on Amazon between $15 and $64.

Buy them out here (Affiliate Link).


Helicopter seeds are pure evil

Helicopter seeds are pure evil. They get in your gutters, rock gardens, grass, planters, etc and are a pain to clean up. If you don’t clean them up, small maple trees will start growing out of gutters, gardens, and plant boxes. Holy nightmare. Mother nature can be cruel. If you have a silver maple in your yard, you understand my pain. Can someone please invent something to combat this?

Helicopter seeds

Evil has a face.

Helicopter Seeds

If I had a nickel...