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All set for the big game



I will never look at Cheetos the same way again


Nailed it!

carrot fries

(via Pleated Jeans)

Cool Ranch Doritos hack

Genius idea for an amazing snack. Go buy a pepper grinder here.

Cool Ranch Doritos hack

The Popinator voice-activated popcorn launcher

Popcorn, Indiana

Popcorn, Indiana has decided that it’s just too much trouble to reach into that bag or bowl and created a popcorn launcher. A binaural microphone array on the machine’s front listens for a clear “pop” command — say the magic word and the Popinator will aim one of its many corn projectiles at your mouth, no hands required. Popcorn, Indiana has answered back and says the Popinator is currently an in-house project, but it may well become something you can buy if everything lines up. (via engadget)

By the way, Popcorn Indiana has some really great popcorn flavors you can buy online.

Candy Corn Oreos

Want. Buy them online too.

Candy Corn Oreos


Oreo prank