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Cats: A Love Story

Cats: A Love Story

Pretty much like every relationship I had in high school.

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Same Creepy Love Story: Old Lady vs. Young Lady

In this funny sketch by College Humor, a grandmother’s romantic love story from her youth seems a whole lot creepier when it takes place in the modern world. Warning: Some F-Bombs

Guitar shaped forest


Located in the fertile agricultural region of Argentina’s ‘Pampas’ is a guitar shaped forest made up of over 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees. At over a kilometer in length (2/3 of a mile) the guitar shaped forest is quite visible for passing planes and satellites above. While it’s sheer size and scale is impressive as a piece of land art, the story of how it came to be is even more touching.

Full story of why the property owner did it can be read here.

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She Was the One

You’ll see and hear a lot of things in remembrance of 9-11. Some of the short stories (like this one) might get lost in the noise. Take a moment and watch a touching video about Richie and Karen. (via StoryCorps)