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Costa Concordia news

I love how the New York Post came out swinging on the cowardly captain of the Costa Concordia with this headline: “Chicken of the Sea.”

chicken of the sea

Source: New York Post

In an ironic twist of fate, diners in one of the ill-fated cruise ship’s restaurants were listening to Céline Dion’s hit single My Heart Will Go On – the theme tune to James Cameron’s epic starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet – when it struck rocks on Friday night.

How is this song not banned on all cruise lines? That’s like playing the movie “Alive” on an airplane.


Photo: REUTERS/Max Rossi

On the set of Titanic

Rumor is that this sequence was a giant pain in the ass to shoot. Apparently, James Cameron (seen swimming below) is something of a dictator until he gets all his shots right. The cast was more or less in the water for almost three days until they got everything they needed down on film. (via Unreality Magazine)

James Cameron