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How’s that Arab Spring working out for you?

Source: Washington Post

Hundreds of protesters chanting “Death to America” stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in Sanna, Yemen on Thursday. The protesters then burned the U.S. flag.

The Obama administration will provide Yemen $337 million in aid in the 2012 fiscal year, up from $147 million provided in the previous fiscal year.

Billions more  in aid has been given to middle eastern countries by this administration and the last. 

Is giving billions in aid to Arab countries a good use of our tax money when they want “Death to America” and murder people trying to help them?

By the way, here is the video that outraged these idiots. My review of it is two thumbs down. The plot line is weak and the director of photography should be fired. Don’t see it in theaters. Wait for it on Redbox. 

Egypt’s women only TV channel Maria

Egypt's women only TV channel Maria

The channel named “Maria” after one of the Prophet Mohammed’s wives is run by women and will only feature niqab-clad presenters.

Egypt's women only TV channel Maria

I don’t get this channel. DIRECTV is probably in a contract dispute with them…


Inside a new Al Qaeda magazine for Muslim women

Al-Shamikha magazine

Al-Shamikha magazine

Don’t say they’ve never done anything for you ladies. Al Qaeda has a new magazine on the stands just for women. Al-Shamikha offers women tips on things like skin care, etiquette, niqab wearing, and marriage. Oh, and they also provide some essential advice on jihad and martyrdom.

The magazine cover shows a fully covered Muslim woman and a picture of a machine gun. Just like Cosmopolitan magazine has a “Fun, Fearless Female” award, Al-Shamikha honors the women it admires, too.  Except these women are the wives of martyrs who have blown themselves up to kill infidels.

But as we all have heard, Islam is a peaceful religion.