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McDonald’s French Fries Gloves

McDonald’s French Fries Gloves

If you need to keep your digits warm, and want said digits to look like yummy French fries… then here are your new gloves. Dallas-based ad agency, Moroch is behind this marketing idea.  Now sure how you get your “hands” on them yet.

I bet they smell wonderful.


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Shadow advertising by McDonald’s

Ingenious use of the sun for a new advertising billboard installment for McDonald’s.

Shadow advertising by McDonald's(via)

McDonald’s wi-fri

One of the ways McDonald’s is telling it’s customers about free wi-fi. I’m lovin’ it. (via Just Zeros and Ones)

McDonald's Poster

Everybody clap your hands

McDonald’s Happy Meal Ad Cha Cha Slide (long version)

Chicago’s Leo Burnett advertising agency has launched a brilliant new spot for McDonald’s that is catching a lot of buzz for local Chicago DJ Willie Perry’s “Cha Cha Slide, Part II.” The kid dancing in this video (Quincy Eaton) is also rumored to have been approached by Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to make an appearance.