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April Fool’s Day stuff

Origins of April Fools Day, also known as All Fools’ Day are uncertain– some believe it’s related to the turn of the seasons, others suggest it’s connected to the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar.

st stupid day

On this day in San Francisco, the annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade takes place. See photos

Top 100 April Fool’s hoaxes ever


Monday Music Rewind: Rufus Wainwright – April Fools

Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing April Fools (1998). Buy the song here.

Appropriate song for today.

Quick and Simple April Fool’s Day Pranks

Duck Duck Gray Duck Facebook

Pretty standard April fools day in the office

Pretty standard April fools day in the office…if you work in Russia.

Pretty standard April fools day in the office.
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One of the funniest pranks of all time

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I wanted to show you what I think is still the funniest pranks of all time. The video shows a guy tormenting his roommate by buttering the kitchen floor. The result is a messy pile of roommate on the floor and us as viewers crying from laughter. Enjoy.