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Ready for a little pee to come out?

When David Attenborough narrates Black Friday chaos


Cool drum solo brah

Thanks Junior


Grandma DOES NOT Share Food

A Guide for When You Should Hold the Door for Someone

This also applies to elevator door holding.

door holding


Wireless Doorbells

Wireless Doorbells


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Chris Farley had the best late night talk show entrances

Here he is coming on Leno

And his entrance on Letterman


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Black Friday in Pictures

funny black friday 1funny black friday 2funny black friday 4black-friday

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Cute Corgi Puppy Can’t Quite Make It

This adorable little corgi puppy misjudges a jump up onto the couch.

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High School Football Trash Talk Done Right

football trash talk.jpg


Signs you might have a drug problem

drug problem