Minnesota Music: Cory Wong “Today I’m Gonna Get Myself a Real Job”

Minnesotans get especially protective of any talent that originates from our state. We do it with an urgency akin to “calling shotgun,” and quietly hope the artist won’t abandon us when they become famous.

Cory Wong is one of those Minnesota musicians whose star is rising.  He has dropped his second solo album “Motivational Music for the Syncopated Soul” and can been seen as a regular with the “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” band.  A track from the album has him dreaming about quitting the music biz and getting a “real” job so he doesn’t have to worry about “ticket sales or critics or Spotify statistics.” For anyone who isn’t following their passion (or is following it and getting discouraged), this song might just speak to you.

The song ends with the prudent lyric, “And I know I’m not the best, but I know that I can rest, knowing today that I don’t ever need a real job.

If you like “Today I’m Gonna Get Myself a Real Job,” you can purchase it here (affiliate link).

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