Random Duck Duck news from around the web

1. 11 Things Wal-Mart Has Banned from its stores.

2. Jeremy Lin fever has officially become a worldwide epidemic. Go buy his jersey here. I like the Jeremy Lin away jersey.
Jeremy Lin

3. The Kernel has been spotted in his own environment.
4. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” has become the new “Drops of Jupiter.” #PlayedOut
5. All of the original members of Guns N’ Roses are to attend the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on April 14th. They haven’t said if they’ll actually perform together. They better…

Guns N' Roses

Axl Rose, the lead singer and only original member of the current rock band Guns N' Roses, performs "Welcome to the Jungle" at the Forum in Inglewood, California on December 21, 2011. UPI/Jim Ruymen

6. Keep Portland weird, man! Bound, naked in a Subaru: Valentine’s Day role-playing ends badly.

Bound, naked in a Subaru: Valentine's Day role-playing ends badly

Nikolas Harbar, 31, and Stephanie Pelzner, 26, are under arrest on charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree.

7. A new painting by artist by Jon McNaughton called “The Forgotten Man” is creating a stir.
8. The Food Police are out of control. A preschooler’s lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich with cheese, a banana, apple juice, and potato chips were deemed unhealthy by a state official in NC. It was taken away and replaced with chicken nuggets.

9. Irony defined: Man suffers heart attack while dining at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.


2 responses to “Random Duck Duck news from around the web

  1. Fuck yeah dude GNR are true atirsts. I own every GNR CD I own, including Chinese Democracy (even though it sucks compared to original GNR stuff). Record companies bitch about illegal downloading . if atirsts would record music like this, people may actually pay for it. Thanks to Lime Wire for other atirsts who have 1 good song and the rest crap. Bummer how technology and shitty music have virtually killed profitability for the behind the scenes people.


  2. His pntraes said they are from taiwan, but they are Chinese descent. taiwanese is NOT an ethnicity. Jeremy Lin also said he’s an American from CHINESE DESCENT. Get that straight, buddy!