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RIP Neil Peart – YYZ Drum Solo and cause of death

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Neil Peart is one of the most universally respected rock drummers of all time. He died from brain cancer today at the age of 67. Despite his successful career in Rush, he saw his share of tragedy. Enough to bring any man down. He lost his 19-year-old daughter Selena and wife Jackie, both within a 10-month period back in the late 1990s. He discussed the pain and hopelessness he endured and the road he took to recovery in his book, “Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road.” I recommend this book to everyone.

Here is an amazing drum solo video of him performing the song YYZ.

ghost rider
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Rush playing “Tom Sawyer” on Rock Band

Here is a video showing the guys from Ruch playing their own song on Rock Band. They failed. On an unrelated note, Tom Hanks should play Neil Peart if they ever do a Rush biopic.

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