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The magic cube keyboard

The Celluon Virtual Keyboard

The Celluon Virtual Keyboard uses a light projection of a full-sized QWERTY computer keyboard on almost any surface. Used with MAC Laptop, PDA’s and Smart Phones, the Virtual Keyboard provides a practical way to send e-mails, word documents processing and spreadsheet tasks, enabling users to leave laptops and computers at home. VKB’s adaptable technology studies the user’s finger movements to interpret and record keystrokes. Buy it here.
The Celluon Virtual Keyboard

‘Terminator’ style glasses from Google

google glass

Source: Google

Google released some details Wednesday about a Project Glass initiative that is pretty amazing. These ‘Terminator 2′-style Google goggles use GPS technology, Google maps and voice recognition software to keep you hands free and completely connected to the internet as long as you wear them. The technology isn’t yet available to the public.

Refrigerator of the future?

A custom refrigerator that’s powered by light. (via)

bio-robot refrigerator

Google: What do you love?

Google has a new feature that allows you to search across everything Google offers with one click. Type in something you love and every result is displayed nicely on a single screen. I’m gonna go see what comes up when I type “Grizzly Bear Attack.”

Augmented Reality & the iPad 2

Augmented reality got a lot of attention last year, so the novelty has worn off a bit. However, the iPad 2’s 3-D hardware is powerful stuff. As tablets become more ubiquitous, most feel Augmented Reality will be used daily.

Watch these examples of AR in action and imagine the possibilities this technology can bring to business, 3-D gaming, and apps for everyday life.