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Twins Trade Denard Span to Nationals

The Nationals announced that they acquired center fielder Denard Span from the Twins for minor league right-hander Alex Meyer. Alex Meyer is a 6-foot-9  right-hander selected 23rd overall by Washington in the 2011 draft. Twins fans should be excited. This guy is known to be a power pitcher with a lot of upside. Twins owners better check the height of their dugout though.

alex meyer

Jeff Roberson/Associated Press


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Prince Fielder has signed with Detroit

“Prince Fielder has signed with Detroit, headquarters of Little Caesars pizza.” SportsPickle
“Getting Prince Fielder out of the NL is one of the biggest off-season improvements for the Cubs.” – Twitter
Prince Fielder Detroit jersey here.
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Prince Fielder has signed with Detroit

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