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In the news this week

Adam CarollaI was happy to hear Adam Carolla step up and highlight the hypocrisy in the media regarding his recent OWS rant. The sooner we realize it exists on the far right AND the far left, the better off we’ll be in this country.
Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the band Korn is not known to speak politically about things, but in a recent interview with Billboard.com, he explains his thinking behind the new track “Illuminati.” He believes that Obama is “an Illuminati puppet” and that maybe this One World Government stuff holds some truth. It seems he doesn’t care what other musicians in the industry think about his conspiracy theory thinking. I respect him for speaking his mind on a fear that more and more regular folks in America have. Not just crazies. 🙂
Sat Chair
Live in an apartment or condo that doesn’t allow you to install a satellite dish? Sat+ has created a chair-shaped satellite dish secretly giving you hundreds of channels without being hassled by your landlord. For the time being the Sat Chair looks is only available from European sites for around $325. Maybe Dish or DirectTV will starting making some?

I am finally reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and am really looking forward to the film. Here is an 8 minute trailer if you are interested.
A soldier who returned home after serving in Afghanistan surprised her family by popping out of a Christmas gift.
Am I a jerk for being tired of seeing news reports of soldiers return home to surprise a family member? Here’s another one. Like flash mobs of people dancing in the street, these cute (but sappy) reunions are becoming an everyday occurrence.

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols thanking God for the obscene amount of money he just got paid.

Albert Pujols agreed to a deal that will pay him $254 million over 10 years to play baseball (a game) for the Angels. I love baseball, but am tired of teams trying to buy championships. Can we please just get a salary cap in place???