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Canton OH Cop Goes Berserk on Gun Permit Holder

If someone has a conceal and carry permit, you must tell a police office right away if you are carrying a weapon upon any stop. But what happens when the police won’t let you talk and tons of time goes by before they even start to question you in relation to their stop? Watch and see.

You gotta’ watch this video – all of it. Listen to how this rogue cop threatens the permit holder.

On June 8, 2011 the following unfortunate arrest took place in Canton, OH. Notifying the policy when you have a firearm is required by Ohio Law, but when this individual with a thirty-day old license tries to do that he is repeatedly ordered to look away, shut up, or interrupted and “forced” to change what he is speaking about by the actions of an aggressive cop named Daniel Harless.

A two-man car dealing with three people put itself at risk when one officer started what appears to be an illegal search of the rear of the car without extracting or securing the driver – which would have given him an opportunity to notify.

What follows is horrific example of a police officer losing all self-control, threatening to beat the female, threatening to beat the driver and eventually saying he should have executed him “and wouldn’t have lost any sleep over it” that night.

A couple of thoughts I had:
1. The cops used terrible judgement in securing the car and passengers inside of it. They violated countless procedural issues taught to every police officer in training.
2. You NEVER search a car with passengers inside of it.
3. The passenger and his “friends” did appear to be up to no good. They were in a known area for prostitution, with a known prostitute, at night, while carrying a firearm. None of this is illegal per se, but it is very stupid.
4. As a permit holder, I believe it is your duty to use common sense on when and where you carry. This person’s actions that night nearly cost him his life.
5. What you are seeing with this angry police officer is fear. This cop’s reaction was a result of realizing that he screwed up and could have been shot if the driver was a bad person. This “close call” infuriated him, and he took it out on the permit holder.
6. Daniel Harless was WAY out of line and should be moved to desk duty, if not fired. This is the kind of stuff that gives police officers a bad name with the public and can create a climate of anger that can put other cops in danger.

UPDATE 7/22/2011: Canton Police announced Thursday that the officer was relieved of all duties in June following an internal investigation complaint filed in this matter. The local Canton Repository has done some additional investigatory work into the officers and an excellent analysis of the video / audio posted online.