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Stealing a bass in baseball

Stealing a bass in baseball

‘A monkey never cramps’

Toronto Blue Jays infielder Munenori Kawasaki joins Barry Davis to talk about the cramp in his leg. Prepare to laugh your ass off.

A baseball card I always wanted

The Billy Ripken “F%#* Face” card.

The Billy Ripken "F%^& Face" card.

Yes, he is the brother of Cal Ripken.

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Yankee pitcher gets donked on the head by a ball thrown by his teammate

Eric Chavez was involved in one of the goofier plays of the night Tuesday, as he inadvertently hit Cody Eppley in the head with a throw. Forward until about :46.

Eppley recorded a pair of groundouts after entering the game in the sixth, getting a new ball from home-plate umpire Bob Davidson after the second out. Not realizing that his pitcher had been given a new one, Chavez threw it to him, clunking it off the top of his head.

Girardi and a team trainer came to the mound to make sure Eppley was okay, but he remained in the game.

You can watch the official version here, when the YouTube copy gets removed.

Nationals Bullpen Reads Fifty Shades Of Grey

If you didn’t think the book 50 Shades of Grey was sultry and sexy enough, then you need to listen to the Washington Nationals bullpen read excerpts from this housewife horny-izer.


Bat Out of Hell

Photo of a baseball bat entering the crowd and hitting a guy in the face. So many great reactions in this picture.

Photo of a baseball bat entering the crowd and hitting a guy in the face.