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The Birthday Boys on IFC

Watch as Bob Odenkirk and “The Birthday Boys” accept IFC’s offer to air their show this October. Quality stuff here…

2011 Guide to Fall Television

The end of summer pretty much makes us all depressed. If you live in Minnesota, you realize as the sun sets earlier, that the cold wet stuff is on the way. The silver lining here is that fall television will be ramping up. There appears to be some gems out there, so warm up the DVR and get familiar with your options. You can also assume that the majority of these will get cancelled just as you start to like them. Such is life.

Read the full list from Gawker here:

My picks for new shows?
Up All Night – NBC – 9/14/11 (Good cast, previews look promising)
The X Factor – FOX – 9/21/11 (Might be cool since that they allow bands)
Person of Interest – CBS – 9/22/11 (Created by J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan. My interest is high.)
Enlightened – HBO – 10/10/11 (Stars Timm Sharp, Laura Dern, Luke Wilson, and many more.) Hard to explain, so view trailer here.

Returning shows you should probably be watching.
Sons of Anarchy
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Modern Family
Boardwalk Empire
The Walking Dead