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Is this the most offensive Halloween costume of 2013?


“Three people die, dozens more injured. At least you guys got a good Halloween costume out of the tragedy,” wrote blogger Angry Asian Man, who originally posted the photo.

Sad that people like this share the air we breathe.

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When life gives you lemons, make Halloween costumes

Inspiration from a one-legged guy named Josh Sundquist.


Photos via Josh Sundquist.
Story here.

Cool DIY Army Toy Soldier Halloween Costume

Remember the little green plastic army men you used to play with? Well this father created a sweet costume for his boy that resembles those Army Men Toy Soldiers. Here is the finished result. Check out his page here to see more pictures of the process.

Cool DIY Army Man Toy Halloween Costume

For those of you wanting to get started on this yourself, I am made it easy for you to get started.

Supplies Needed:
Pair of kids cargo pants
Pair of shoes/boots
One Army costume with helmet
Four cans of spray paint, Meadow Green
Two cans of primer
A pair of nylon stockings
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