Videos of people tripping balls on the new drug Flakka

flakka pictures

From CBS: A cheap new designer drug called flakka is causing havoc in cities across America. Its effects can include psychotic breakdowns, hallucinations and indiscriminate violence. Flakka, also known as gravel, is a synthetic stimulant, a cousin of the drug found in baths salts. It’s an ever-changing mixture of various substances and can come in a capsule or powder. Users can smoke, swallow or inject the drug. Florida is now the “epicenter” of the outbreak with 25 flakka-related deaths in South Florida’s Broward County in the past 10 months alone. It has been found in Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, California and Florida so far. Expect it to be everywhere by years’ end.

This is bad stuff folks. People on this drug can have super-human strength and could kill you. Remember the guy on bath salts that attacked and ate the face of a homeless guy?


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