Petraeus girlfriend photos

girlfriend Paula Broadwell

I am such a juvenile when it comes to this sort of thing, so just let me get this over with. I have some thought I’d like to share about this cheating scandal. I’ve also included some photos of the girlfriend Paula Broadwell since it has been the leading search term on my site for 3 days.

1. The name of her book is very apropos and unfortunate.
2. I request that the media refrains from using the word “probe” in relation this story.
3. I understand some women are drawn to power, but aren’t looks still a prerequisite?
4. Do you think Petraeus made any childish references of exploding ink pen gadgetry?

5. Paula Broadwell is from Bismarck, ND. Just found that entertaining cause we in the Midwest know what NoDak chicks are like.

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