The May issue of TIME

The latest cover of TIME Magazine has stirred a debate among mothers on how to parent. It has also likely been stolen from Mom by countless 13 year-old boys in America who will severely crinkled it. The topic discussed is one I had not heard of before – “Attachment parenting.” Attachment parenting has been on the rise over the last two decades, since the publication of The Baby Book by Dr. Bill Sears and his wife, Martha, in 1992. Its three main tenets are extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping and “baby wearing,” in which infants are physically attached to their parents by slings.

The most controversial activity appears to be extended breastfeeding. Some mothers are breastfeeding kids way past the age where society says it’s okay. As a soon-to-be parent, I am curious to see what all of you think about this? How old is too old? What about some of these other topics? Oh, and should we feed our baby like Alicia Silverstone does? Only kidding.

The May issue of TIME

The only known TIME Magazine cover typo
Alicia Silverstone spitting food in her baby’s mouth

2 responses to “The May issue of TIME

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  2. I disliked the “No, that’s gross” option, so I picked not sure. I would have easily gone for “No, not appropriate/too long”. There’s some that think even nursing a newborn in public (with coverage) is “gross”.

    That said – 3 is too long. There is no benefit at that point, and even in the less-developed parts of the world there is little breastfeeding done at that age. And when it is, most often mother’s milk IS the most complete food available.

    That is not the case in the US, where most of this attachment parenting is occuring. Between AP & “helicopter parents”, the current youngest generation is growing up to be a bunch of hand-held wimps who will not be able to face the Real World.