Peter Alsop: Master Creepster of Children Songs

Kids can be surprisingly morbid. It’s really only natural; ask any parent, and they’ll tell you stories of their kids asking about dying. I am not sure we should be composing cute Raffi-like songs about death though either. That hasn’t stopped Peter Alsop from writing a one of the creepiest kid songs ever. The video is a bit disheartening too. The little ginger boy will haunt me tonight.

Peter Alsop is a creepmaster of other songs too. His other CDs include songs like “Don’t Put Your Hand In My Pants”, “My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny” and “Poop Goes The Weasel” (we assure you: that last was not a typo).

A feline organist and an incredibly creepy man offer a rendition of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ that might even give David Lynch nightmares.
Ventriloquist Dummies: The stuff nightmares are made of (VIDEO)

2 responses to “Peter Alsop: Master Creepster of Children Songs

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  2. freetobemommy

    This post made me literally laugh out loud. hahaha I think it was the comment about the ginger kid that got me. That video is uber-creepy and I keep thinking, who would let their kids be in this video or memorize this song? Weird,,,