Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes talks about Katy Perry’s music

I’ve always admired Linda Perry’s honesty when it came to writing music. Simply put, she doesn’t care what people think about her or her music. She does what she wants and not what record companies want. That attitude may prevent her from ever becoming a super star, but it does allow her to sleep at night. She is probably more known (within the industry) for her song writing ability, but most of us unfortunately only know her for blessed/cursed song “What’s Up.”

So what does a woman who has written some awesome songs and produced starlets from Christina to Gwen to Pink have to say about music today? Well, she’s not a huge fan of Adele, although she’s glad that she exists (ooookay?). But of Katy Perry, yeah, she’s not that into it. In fact, Katy Perry is not “reinventing the wheel,” according to Linda Perry, which is sorta correct, if you consider that Katy Perry’s M.O. is basically, y’know, boobs. Lots of boobs. I do think Katy has some pretty catchy tunes though.

Language NSFW:

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