Karen Klein bus monitor bully video reminds me of Casey Heynes story

Karen Klein bus monitor

Source: AP

A video of a 68-year-old school bus monitor being mercilessly taunted by seventh-graders became a rallying point against bullies Thursday, with a fund for the New York state grandmother raising more than $400,000 and a deluge of people demanding harsh punishment for the boys. Karen Klein, 68, of Greece, N.Y., gets verbally assaulted brutally in the video below. It is hard to watch.

It reminds me of the bullying story of Casey Heynes from 2011. Remember him? He was the Australian boy who snapped and slammed his pint-sized bully to the ground after being punched in the face. Here is a painful interview with Casey where he explains the torment he endured.

I wish Karen Klein would have been able to body slam some of her abusers too. These kids deserve every bit of retaliation they get from this incident.

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