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Billy the Fridge – The 500 Pound Rapper you should be listening to

billy the fridge

Billy the Fridge is a Seattle rapper who isn’t shy about his weight. The mega-sized man child brings you hard hitting lyrics and fun filled adventures. Cuss words coupled with inspirational messages for scumbags across the world! Check out his new album and video here. Warning: Language

Eminem spits it in this new freestyle video

Eminem - Shady CXVPHER

Dang. Eminem leaves no stone unturned in this latest video; taking shots at Ray Rice, LeBron James and even Tony Stewart. Warning: Video contains lot’s of F-words. Duh!

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Free Brother Ali music download

The Bite Marked Heart
Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali has dropped a new EP. Entitled The Bite Marked Heart, the seven-track effort features guest appearances from Phonte and Stokley Williams, among others.

Stream and/or download the project for free here. Yes, I said “FREE.”

Amazon has some other good tracks too, so check them out.

Ali’s fifth LP, tentatively titled Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, is due out later this year.