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Enjoy therapy! Old photos that will give you nightmares

Here is a collection of unexplained photos that are very creepy. Source: The Ghost Diaries

Creepy-old-photo-9 Old-creepy-photo-71 Old-creepy-photo-5 Old-creepy-photo-4 Creepy-picture Creepy-old-photo1 tumblr_mkqvkdehS51qgs2izo1_500 tumblr_mpi1cuxKFw1qac7nso1_500 tumblr_mu0w6slx2B1swx8i2o1_500 Creepy-old-picture-2 Creepy-old-picture-1 211957_v2 211959-2 files-3 files-3 mickey files-1 creepy-kids-rocking-chair Old-creepy-photo-7

This probably works out well at night

Tree in road


Strange and Crazy news

michael boatwright

Scam or U.S. government spy experiment gone wrong? Man cannot remember anything of past life after being found unconscious in Palm Springs motel room. Wakes up speaking Swedish. [story]

Mom Gets Into Fight While Holding Baby at Chuck E. Cheese (VIDEO)

11 things that are banned in other countries but legal in the U.S. [story]

Starring Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange, The Fifth Estate will open this fall. (view trailer)

Anyone want to go get a snail facial with me?

Airline Attendant Accused of Hiding Rats in Underpants, Files Lawsuit — United Press International

Casey Anthony’s Parents Sell Off Caylee’s Toys in Yard Sale — RadarOnline.com

A Hospital in Zimbabwe Charged Women $5 for Each Scream During Childbirth — Washington Post

Strange facts

A collection of odd facts that would give Cliff Clavin a boner.

strange facts