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TV reporter shuts down wannabe news crasher

A word to all you idiots who think it’s fun to interrupt a live TV shot: do not mess with WKMG reporter Jessica Sanchez when she’s on the air.

From Media Bistro:
Sanchez was reporting live from Bourbon Street in New Orleans ahead of the Super Bowl when a woman interrupted her, walking into her shot and yelling at the camera. Sanchez quickly turned the tables on the crasher: “We were just talking about the STD rate that’s going on here. So how long have you had an STD?” Sanchez asked her (video above).

“I don’t have an STD,” the woman answered. “Oh, then why did you want to do an interview?” Sanchez asked.

Someone just got OWNED.

Political debating like a boss

A heated television debate between a Jordanian member of parliament and a local activist this week led to the parliamentarian pulling a gun on the activist in front of the cameras.
Jordanian MP pulls gun on critic during live TV debate. Full story. Watch video:

Greek politician goes all Chris Brown on female opponent on live TV

Greek politician goes all Chris Brown on female opponent on live TV

Greek Ilias Kasidiaris slaps woman on TV

Greece’s election campaign turned ugly Thursday on live TV: The spokesman of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party, after trading insults of “commie” and “fascist,” lunged at two female left-wing politicians on a mainstream morning talk show, throwing water at one and going all “Chris Brown” on the other woman three times across the face.

Kasidiaris, his temper wearing thin, shot an insult of “you old Commie” at 58-year-old prominent Communist Party member Liana Kanelli, in return for her branding him a “fascist.” Kasidiaris, 31, who served in the military’s special forces, also took offense at a reference by Dourou to a court case pending against him. (Full Story)

And you thought American television was bad.