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Little boy not having this goofy family picture stuff.




Meet a brave and blind 4-year-old

In this video, 4-year-old Gavin, who is completely blind, uses his cane to step down a curb for the first time. You can tell he was unsure, yet, he gives us a lesson in bravery. He has been using his cane independently for a few months now and his family has been working with him on navigating steps, curbs, and stairs.

The video is touching and may result in joyful crying with snot bubbles.

To read more about Gavin, and Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), the extremely rare condition that has caused complete blindness, please visit the below sites. We are working on a cure for the LCA-NMNAT1 gene mutation causing his rare blindness, where there are only 150 in the United States with this specific condition. Here are some books about LCA.


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