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What Mark Zuckerberg is really giving away

What Mark Zuckerberg is really giving away

10 Notorious Internet Hoaxes

10 Notorious Internet Hoaxes
Before you get fired up at McDonald’s and start sharing this with your friends and family, check your sources. This sign has been shopped and is a hoax. Internet pranksters rely on people like your gullible Mom or crazy uncle to spread this stuff.

Here is another example. It seems like every week on the Internet is Shark Week, with a steady stream of insane shark-attack stories or shark-sighting videos leading the viral news. But when this image made the rounds in June, people really went nuts. It was supposedly taken in a flooded shopping center in Kuwait where a shark tank had collapsed. Pretty scary, right? But of course, it was not real. The photo was legitimately of a flooded shopping center (in Toronto), but the sharks were added in for effect.

shark in mall

not real.

Here is a link to other classic internet hoaxes. Which ones have you fallen for? In the future, check Snopes first to see if the story has legs.

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