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Podcast Season 1 – Episode 11 – Part 4

The Duck Duck Gray Duck podcast from the Twin Cities

The Duck Duck Gray Duck podcast from the Twin Cities

Frank & JJ  discuss candy, recap Halloween with the kiddos, and share a childhood story of how they almost hanged themselves during a Halloween stunt one year.

During the “Ask Frank Anything” segment, Frank and JJ discuss  if there is ever a situation where it’s okay for a white kid to paint his face dark to dress up as an African American role model for Halloween. The question stems from this seemingly innocent (yet offensive) picture of a kid dressing up as Mr T back in the 80s.

Mr T


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Life hack for your shoe organizer

Life Hack shoesvia



Fletcher has epilepsy and it’s managed through a strict ketogenic diet.  Candy isn’t allowed in that diet, and that kinda blows a lot of the fun for a kid on Halloween. Everyone is handing out candy, and seeing that his son wanted to trick-or-treat with his friends, Fletcher’s dad pre-seeded the neighbors with small gifts and things his kid would love and would make the night special.



Why Pennies Are Economically Inefficient and Should Be Abolished

This place used to be called Zin's and is located at 5467 South 28th Ave. in Minneapolis

I used to torture the poor guy that ran Zin’s in South Minneapolis as a kid by emptying my grimy pennies on his counter and methodically buying penny candy.  Those days are over for kids now for more reasons than one. Now, people are calling for the death of the penny. Too bad. I got my first lessons in economics using pennies.

C.G.P. Grey makes the case for “why Pennies are economically inefficient and should be abolished.” He does make some good points.

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Video clips of parents telling their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy

This is a segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live where he asked parents to video tape telling their kids that they ate all of the Halloween candy. Cruel, but funny. The kids at the end are priceless.