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Cool Candle Design: Candle by the Hour

Candle by the Hour 60-Hour Candle

Very cool self-extinguishing coil candles by Candle by the Hour.

  • Self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip
  • This candle will burn up to 60 hours
  • Made out of 100-percent beeswax
  • Metal copper tone stand
  • Each three inches of candle wax will burn approximately one hour.

Buy them on Amazon here

candle by the hour
Candle by the Hour 60-Hour Candle

Man Candles

Just in time for Father’s Day! Man candles that smell like leather, sawdust, and cut grass are among the new line of scents being sold by Yankee Candle. Men make up 35% of the users in the scented candle market. Who knew? Pricing ranges from $2.99 to $27.99.

Yankee Candle man candles

First Down —This combination of orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather is as exciting as game day.

Riding Mower — Hot sun. Cool breeze. And the intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass.

2 x 4 — The warm, unmistakable scent of freshly planed wood and sawdust evokes a sense of confidence and quality.

The next Man Candle fragrance? Bacon, Steak and Leather Baseball Glove are popular ideas.