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Fun fact about the movie Saving Private Ryan


In the movie, Saving Private Ryan, all main actors went through army “Boot Camp” training except Matt Damon. This was done so that the other actors would show genuine resentment towards Damon’s character.


Black helicopters in Minneapolis?

Black helicopters in Minneapolis

Police are alerting the public in Minneapolis that military aircraft will be conducting “routine training” over the Twin Cities through Saturday, largely in the evenings. Residents may see or hear low-flying, military transport helicopters – specifically Black Hawks and smaller Hughes 500s, flying in the Minneapolis area between 7 p.m. and midnight.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but I don’t like it. I understand that urban training is something the military needs to practice. It’s not like wars only happen in the jungle or the desert, but the fact they are training in a real populated U.S. city makes my conspiracy brain run wild. If it’s happening in my city, it’s happening elsewhere too.

Anyone else kinda freaked out by this?

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Military “training exercise” has town on edge