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Airline pilot says TWA Flight 800 was shot down

Wreckage of Flight 800 (Getty Images)

Wreckage of Flight 800
(Getty Images)

A horrific plane crash on the night of July 17, 1996 killed all 230 people on board TWA Flight 800. Passengers had departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport less than 15 minutes earlier en route to Paris. The long-held “official” conclusion has been that a fuel tank explosion caused the crash.

An experienced pilot named Andrew Danzinger who flew Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign, says that’s not true in a recent article for the NY Daily News.

The bombshell article goes on to say the plane was likely shot down and that the FBI covered it up.

Was it a terrorist attack — a precursor to 9/11, as has been widely suggested — or a U.S. military training exercise gone wrong?

Click here to read more about what he knows about planes, the investigation, and eyewitness accounts.

You can also check out books about the doomed flight. Author Nelson DeMille featured the crash in his 2004 novel Night Fall. An excellent read.


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