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Monday Music Rewind: Grant Lee Buffalo

Grant Lee BuffaloOne of the most under-appreciated bands of the 90s has to be Grant Lee Buffalo. Grant Lee Buffalo was a rock band based in Los Angeles, California, consisting of Grant-Lee Phillips (vocals and guitar), Paul Kimble (bass) and Joey Peters (drums).

My favorite song from the group is “Mockingbirds” from the Mighty Joe Moon album released in (1994).

They toured with major bands during the 90s including R.E.M., Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins, and The Cranberries.

The band has parted ways, but Grant-Lee Phillips continues a solo career. Paul Kimble talks about how the music industry and label prevented their sound from hitting the airwaves. A lot of thoughtful modern rock suffered under similar circumstances. It marked the beginning of the end for many.

Buy this song here.

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Nirvana Live at the Paramount – Halloween 1991

This is newly released footage of Nirvana performing in 1991 at the Paramount in Seattle on Halloween. This is the band that threw rock music, as I knew it, on its head. The full concert will be available on VEVO here if you want to check out the entire show. Here is a video you can watch now of how the show starts.