Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan?

Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan

Eddie Vedder with some kids sporting a Twins hat at the Seattle vs. Twins game over the weekend. Source: DuckDuckGrayDuck

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder is an avid Cubs fan. For years, however, he called the Red Sox his favorite American League team. Not anymore. When former general Theo Epstein bolted for the Cubs over the offseason, Vedder dropped his Boston fandom and switched allegiances, calling the Twins his favorite AL team.

Is being a Twins fan Gods way of punishing Vedder for Vitalogy?

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5 responses to “Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan?

  1. those 2 beautiful girls are his daughters with his wife jill. just for the record.


  2. Yup J.J.Bugs, you should always check first. Now that’s what journalism and writing should be about. Thanks for the reply. With no intention to hurt or insult the (somewhat rabid ) fans of the Pearl Jam frontman, Vedder can be an A***HOLE because he has the habit of wanting to put a story on let’s say this picture or some other, which turns out to be not the real situation if you indeed check it out. Besides, the game was hardly Chuckie Cheese’s for the kids anyway.


  3. BTW – Why do you say he is an A**HOLE?


  4. I guess I assumed they were his kids. Should have checked first.


  5. Eddie Vedder is one big ASSHOLE. Those kids are his nieces, not his own. They are actually Tim Bierman’s (Pearl Jam fanclub manager) daughters.