A small bookstore in West Virginia

A small bookstore in West Virginia

The Paradox Bookstore

A small bookstore in Wheeling, West Virginia has a charming business model. The Paradox Bookstore is located at the Centre Market in Wheeling, WV. This eclectic used bookstore is actually the oldest used bookstore in West Virginia. It was opened by Tom Stobart 35 years ago when he was just seventeen and a young playwright. He can still be found behind the low counter reading and smoking as if time has forgotten him and he could care less. Their hours are posted as “irregular,” and they have no phone.

What kind of business would you have if money didn’t matter?

2 responses to “A small bookstore in West Virginia

  1. I have been living in Wheeling now for 3 yrs.-moved from DC area-and I have never found this bookstore open. Guess I’ll just keep trying.


  2. This is wonderful! In our neighborhood, the owner of a little sandwich shop goes home when her homemade sandwiches and baked goods are sold out. I think on some days, she purposely makes only a few – the good life.