Family Auto Mart Assclownery

Family Man of Family Auto Mart

Family Man of Family Auto Mart

Local auto dealership commercials have always been difficult to watch. Just when you think you have seen the worst, along comes “The Family Man.” He wrote, directed, and unfortunately stars in his own infomercial for his Family Auto Mart car dealership in Florida. One rule of advertising is to be memorable. He succeeds here in the memorable category. Watch if you dare, but head to the bathroom first. You may wet yourself watching this assclownery.

2 responses to “Family Auto Mart Assclownery

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  2. Greg Thomas

    FULL OF LIES & CRAP. Advert shows and many people say hes full of energy..but hes full of crap! when I got there the fat idiots were sleeping around the desk snoring (DAVE) Manager of Melbourne. I was lied to about a vehicle just to get me there and tried to sell me another car.