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Record northern pike story lives on

There is no shortage of fish tales circulating the internet. Some last for years thanks for people like my Dad who, innocently enough, take things at face value. Other fishing resorts and guide services claim these stories as their own to bring in business. If it’s on the internet, it must be true right?

The truth is most sportsmen WANT to believe this stuff. If you hunt for fish, you have had dreams of the trophy buck or the record pike. I had a dream once that I caught a 5 lb black crappie in 3 feet of water.

The story of the record northern pike caught in Turtle Lake outside of Saskatchewan landed in my inbox again this morning. The fish pictured has been “caught” in Canada, the U.S.A., and the Baltic. The story varies a bit each time, but usually involves a guy who is landing a smaller pike only to have this monster hit it. The story ends with the fisherman landing both of them in the same net.

Record Northern Pike

Record Northern Pike

Record Northern Pike

Record Northern Pike

Record Northern Pike

Record northern pike eats smaller pike

The story even got picked up by the Angling Times in 2007.

angling times

Angling Times featured record northern pike in 2007

The most accurate story I can tell you is that the pike was actually caught in Holland by Ewout Blom. The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britian secured Ewout’s story for issue 117 of Pikelines.

As far as I know, the mystery stops here. Or does it?

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